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Family Reunion in Columbus 6/14/08

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Amsler and Shaw family gathered for the reunion at Schobels' Restaurant at noon on June 14, 2008 in Columbus Texas:

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20080614 family reunion

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Hope all made it home safely!
Fourteen from several families joined us at Schobels restaurant.
Good choice, Tommy!
Sherry suggested Port Lavaca for next year and we discussed the date as being a week after memorial day. BTW, that day was recognized as an annual event when W.T.Amsler (my grandfather) and family gathered for family reunions mostly in Flatonia. The date remains flexible, so if your have schedule conflict, let us know. If Port Lavaca is the location next year, Larie and I will offer to bring Charlie and Monica from Robstown.
Jeannie has offered in her e-mail on 6/22/08
Port Lavaca would be great or if you want to have it in Shiner we can go to my house or we can have it in Flatonia and I'll get the small community center and then we could go to cemetery...There are some Amsler grave sites here in Shiner...I'll get the names for you....
Talk to you soon,
In lieu of listing names who attended on this page, we prepared a list from those who left their names and addresses at 6/14/08 gathering. This copy is now believed to be corrected. We will distribute that list by e-mail to everyone prior to our family gathering in 2008, or earlier if requested.
We hope everyone took one of the business cards containing our e-mail address and Amsler family web site. Just in case you did not take a card, the Amsler web address is: This site is an effort to extend family history subsequent to the Amslers of Austin’s Colony. This page also list family photo album links that may not be transparent in the Amslers.html site In our 2007 gathering in Shiner we distributed CD’s with contents of this site. If you have any old photos that you would loan please bring them to our reunion next year, or attach to e-mail and we will include them in the web site. If you are unable to scan the images and attach to e-mail, you can mail them to me and I will return them after scanning. We will add those photos to the amslers site. The blog site you are now reading was created this morning, 6/14/08 for the purpose of recording family gatherings and to post links of family albums. This post (page) provides link to Google Album where 6/14/08 photos are uploaded.
We also have links to photos of 2007 family gathering that are shown on this page. This page contains links to albums, and from that site you are able to order prints. Since most images that you see on this page may have been optimized the quality is not the best for printing. If requested, we can retrieve the original photos for e-mail.
***sidebar comment***
By driving to Cat Spring we were able to see the Cat Spring monument illustrated in the Amsler book. Apparently the building shown on the forward pg xv is no longer standing. I understood this building housed the post office. In earlier research I discovered that Charles Conrad Amsler was the first Postmaster of Cat Spring. As I look closer at the Charles Conrad Amsler history sheet I see that he was buried in Waller County Texas.
HEMPSTEAD CEMETERY - Located on the south end of Grace St. (1st Street) in Hempstead.

The pages I distributed stated that “Charles acquired land holdings, established a stage coach line and was owner of the Amsler inn. Charles died on may 2, 1874 and was buried in Hemstead(misspelled) in Waller County” The article source was “Mary Katherine Welhausen Borchers (GGGD) whatever “GGGD” means.
Bob, Sherry, Larie and I visited the cemetery outside of Cat Spring but many headstones were so old that the inscriptions were not legible. Larie and I considered driving to Hempstead as the Amsler’s book has an image of Amsler monument on page 33, but we were getting tired and headed home instead.
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Check out this posting at least monthly if you are able to do so as we will be working on albums of other reunions for links from this site.
Note that the video camera still images were not taken with the proper settings. Next time I will bring the manual. We may post a few, but the images are not as we would have liked. When on vacations the still shots turned out well for the video camera, but not this time.

Prior reunions through June 2007

Amsler and Shaw families met in Shiner in June 07. Somebody help me out on the date..

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Who you recognize in PaPa's Funeral in Flatonia March 1952.


Prior Amsler reunion photos that Sammy has
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Reunion 2007

Reunion 1996

Reunion 1973

Reunion 1965

Very old photos:

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Any extended family reading this page my offer to loan family gathering photos. If unable to send attached to e-mail, loan them to Sammy and he will return them to you after scanning on to a disk. We will file images on CD disks and prepare to distribute CD's at annual family gatherings.

The collection of images that I saved on disks and prepared for posting will displayed on this page. I will be working on a web hosting site to store these images and prepare a method for displaying these images on this page. Earlier images were stored on Google Picassa Albums, but the space limit has been reached. So, I am examining an album utility from the host that I am now using to store blogs and web sites.

Currently I am working on upgrading three web sites.

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If you can loan me old pictures that we can show in above sites , please bring them to the family gathering next year.

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