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Prior reunions through June 2007

Amsler and Shaw families met in Shiner in June 07. Somebody help me out on the date..

The first set of images from still shots of video camera. (Others from other camera pending)


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Shiner images

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Who you recognize in PaPa's Funeral in Flatonia March 1952.


Prior Amsler reunion photos that Sammy has
collected thanks a lot to Kathryn Amsler and others allowing me to scan those photos that are linked below:
will be placed below:

As long as continues to leave the following albums on line,
you can order prints from any album that you view.
Or just enjoy the photos on line.

Reunion 2007

Reunion 1996

Reunion 1973

Reunion 1965

Very old photos:

Views of older images of Amsler family
view the images at bottom.
Some linkson this page fail
The active links are listed above.

Any extended family reading this page my offer to loan family gathering photos. If unable to send attached to e-mail, loan them to Sammy and he will return them to you after scanning on to a disk. We will file images on CD disks and prepare to distribute CD's at annual family gatherings.

The collection of images that I saved on disks and prepared for posting will displayed on this page. I will be working on a web hosting site to store these images and prepare a method for displaying these images on this page. Earlier images were stored on Google Picassa Albums, but the space limit has been reached. So, I am examining an album utility from the host that I am now using to store blogs and web sites.

Currently I am working on upgrading three web sites.

  • Amslers site
    Three links failing
  • Amsler & Fisher Families Web Site Index
    Contains links to early Amsler family reunions, but the site, removed some albums due to low activity. The top image on the page formerly produced a slide show, but is not currently working properly, and I suspect the source site generating the slide show is no longer active. The top photo was taken at family reunion in 1965 near San Antonio Zoo, that may be seen by selecting the
    Reunion 1965 above.
  • Amsler album of old photos
    Check the images at bottom of page and be sure to click on "larger image."
If you can loan me old pictures that we can show in above sites , please bring them to the family gathering next year.

Have a good day and enjoy the family photo albums


My travel blog I is one that is in process describing our vacation in a journal/album style of our Lewis and Clark trip taken in 2006

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